Mental Training

Mentalni Trening (eng. Mental Training) is a company specialized in sports psychology. The company consists of a team of highly skilled psychologists who practice unconventional but effective, scientifically proven techniques for achieving excellence and mental balance.

English // MT have established a solid ground for their business in the field of sports psychology, but the long-term strategy of the company is to expand and provide services to the wider population. Mental exercises are applicable in everyday life and help to deal with stress, strengthening one's mental focus, gaining concentration and self-containment. 
Building a friendly connection with the clients, as well as embracing their uniqueness, their needs and goals produce positive results. These are the foundations of MT’s business - and its visual identity as well. The idea was to develop a non-generic and inspirational design with extended corporate color palette and customizable graphic elements that will communicate company’s vision both ways - to the clients and the MT team.

Client // Conversatio Centar d.o.o.
Agency // Studio 33
Design and Art direction // Mario Majkić
Year // 2016

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