Dajakovic Concrete

The concept of logotypes tends to connect the visual idea of the company with its product in order to effectively communicate how the business operates.
The sign represents the company that produces high-quality concrete of different classes that is strong and resistant to various conditions. 

The basic elements of the logotype are:
Hatches - In all the designs and projects the hatch is the label for the material used in construction. The slanted hatches are labels for the supporting structures i.e. concrete structures. Their variations separate different types of concrete (plain from reinforced concrete) in the project.

The turquoise color – The turquoise is a color blend of blue and green that is refreshing, soothing, sophisticated, but vigorous at the same time. The color and the structure of the logotype give the impression of integrity, creativity, cheerfulness and loyalty, which is also linked to the manner of the company’s business operations and its products.  Moreover, the turquoise color is mostly associated with water, which refers to the geographical position of the company. "Turquoise" is also the name of a valuable mineral (rock) in a beautiful radiant turquoise color. It’s often used for production of jewelry that has for centuries been believed to be a talisman for protection. In many ancient cultures, this stone is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, which can be connected to the main product – the concrete that is high quality and ensures a long lifetime of a structure it’s incorporated in.

SILVER // International Design Awards Los Angeles // 2017

Client // Dajakovic d.o.o.
Agency // Studio 33
Design // Bruno Predrijevac
Art Direction // Igor Penovic
Year // 2016
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